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Partial Container (LLC)

Transport with Reliable Carriers

We implement a Core Carrier program to ensure that LCL containers are carried by approved and reliable carriers. With our professional packaging services, we ensure safe loading at all levels of the supply chain. With our reliable consolidated services, it allows you to prepare an up-to-date and cost-effective shipping plan. Following the ever-increasing trade volume in the world, consolidation of products becomes mandatory. When the loads to be transported internationally cannot fill an entire container, cargoes with different receivers can be transported in a container in maritime partial service (LCL) service.

What are the Advantages of Seaway Partial Service?

  • Possibility to use more equipment and load space by making use of more route options with preferred carriers.
  • The opportunity to benefit from advanced maritime partial service services at affordable costs.

Partial loads in the ports and warehouses are shipped safely and quickly, and loaded in groupage containers under complete control. FSS Logistics provides its partial service to its customers with options from port to port, door to door for cargoes that will not completely fill the container.

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