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Combined Transportation

Combined Transport means that the transport is transported with at least two modes of transport (road, rail, seaway and airline) from the origin to the destination. In recent years, it is an improved form of transportation by combining rail and maritime transportation, which has low cost and problematic transportation.

We can summarize the advantages of Combined Transport as follows:

  • A large amount of cargo can be transported safely over long distances.
  • Providing flexible loading and distribution opportunities with road transport.
  • Different products can be consolidated and combined.
  • Combined transport modes can be optimized.
  • Although there are different modes of transport, transport can be made as a whole.
  • Creating economic advantages for heavy transport.
  • Transport by sea and rail is safe.

In successful transportation, there are various stages from sender to receiver. In this context, FSS Logistics handles technological, organization, price policy and legal integration as a whole in the realization of combined transportation.

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