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With Intermodal Tasimacilik, we offer fast, effective and reliable transportation services with environmentalist solutions in optimum time.

Intermodal transport is a form of transport that is carried out with the same transport vehicle, using two or more modes of transport and in which mode loads are not subject to any handling.

Advantages of Intermodal Transportation

Today, intermodal transportation is a preferred transportation model all over the world due to environmental advantages such as less carbon, less particles, less NOX emissions and less diesel fuel consumption, where natural resources are rapidly depleted.

Intermodal allows less use of the highway by changing the routes used. Reducing noise pollution, providing reliable arrival time notification to customers, potential traffic on the road, not being affected by customs crossings, creating leaner processes in terms of planning, facilitating decision making processes through fixed departure times created in the system, increasing service quality standardization, facilitating service and planning in large-scale projects. It has important advantages.

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